York Ag Sponsors Pennsylvania Game Breeders and Hunting Preserves Conference

Feb 10, 2022

York Ag promotes functional natural feed supplements suitable for all gamebirds.

(York, Pa., February 10, 2022) York Ag, a dynamic supplier of holistic ingredient solutions that optimize animal well-being, has become a sponsor of the Pennsylvania Game Breeders and Hunting Preserves Conference 2022 organized at Penn State University (February 28, 2022).  This conference, organized by the Pennsylvania Game Breeders Association, will provide practical education for the broader gamebird industry including a combination of educational presentations, commission and association updates, and networking sessions.

Gamebird breeders and propagators, hunting preserve owners and operators, and sportsmen and sportswomen, will learn about bird health, pen building for specific breeds, pesticide practices, and obtain updates on the gamebird industry and partner organizations. “York Ag offers functional natural ingredients for all gamebirds and we’re glad to support these industry and educational events”, said Bill Achor, President and CEO of York Ag.

Pheasants, grousers, partridges, quails, snipes, wild turkeys, woodcocks, and other types of gamebirds benefit from York Ag’s portfolio of holistic ingredients:

  • PHYTOZEN® is a precision blend of natural essential oils and botanical extracts that support animal well-being and help mitigate the perception of stress.

  • SYNBIOTEC® Poultry is a feed additive designed to regulate the gut coccidia population through a synergistic approach of different botanical sources.

  • ALTERNA® Poultry is a botanical based feed additive combined with Medium Chained Fatty Acids (MFCA) to support gastrointestinal health and growth rate.

  • BIOTANIX® WS is a litter amendment designed to regulate the litter microbiome.  

  • AQUAGUT Poultry is a botanical based liquid product for the drinking water of poultry.

  • TENEMAX is a botanical based drying agent used to help lower the number of darkling beetles in the litter of poultry thus mitigating the vectors that introduce diseases to the operation.

  • HILYSES® is a hydrolyzed yeast with abundant minerals, free nucleotides, mannan oligosaccharides (MOS), and beta-glucans to support gut health and overall well-being.

  • IMW50® is a yeast-based additive that offers trace minerals, vitamins, beta-glucans and mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS).

To know more about York Ag and its natural ingredients portfolio for gamebirds, visit www.yorkag.com/gamebirds  

About York Ag 

York Ag is a dynamic supplier of holistic ingredient solutions that optimize animal well-being. Headquartered in York, Pennsylvania, York Ag commercializes its proprietary products YORK CALCIUM CHIPS®, BOVAZYME®, and BOVAZYME® Organic, and carries a wholesome portfolio of national and international brands from diverse feed ingredient manufacturers.


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