Stay Blue G

A Premium Food-Grade Excipient for Enhanced Water Line Management

Stay Blue G

A Premium Food-Grade Excipient for Enhanced Water Line Management

Stay-Blue-G is an advanced, food-grade excipient meticulously designed to revolutionize water line management in poultry and livestock production barns and hatcheries. An “excipient”  is an inactive substance that serves as an indicator to discern the presence of medications, vaccines, or sanitizers in the water lines.

Stay-Blue-G, a blue, inactive, food-grade water dye, does not interact negatively with any other products. The dye serves as an indicator for visual recognition when running medication, vaccines, or sanitation through water lines. This visual feature enables precise tracking of active ingredients progression within the water line, thereby ensuring optimal dosage control and efficacy.

Furthermore, Stay-Blue-G facilitates a seamless and efficient sanitization process by visually confirming complete sanitation of the water lines, complementing your approved cleaning protocol. This pivotal benefit empowers farmers, livestock producers, and nutrition consultants with unparalleled confidence in their water management practices.

A standard practice entails incorporating a sanitizer into the water line before administering vaccines, often accompanied by the addition of a dye to ensure comprehensive treatment throughout the entire water system. It is crucial to emphasize that Stay-Blue-G is not a stabilizer for vaccines; rather, its intended use revolves around indication and visual purposes solely for vaccines, medications, and sanitation running through water.

Each container of Stay-Blue-G comprises 50 scoops of dry dye powder. For application, simply add one scoop to the water mixture, and then pass it through a medicator at a 1:128 ratio. In a 400 ft poultry house, approximately 7 gallons of water per line are utilized, resulting in a seamlessly integrated process without any staining concerns in the sight tubes of the water line.

Stay-Blue-G adheres to the highest food-grade standards, ensuring the utmost safety and reliability for your operations. Please be advised that this product is not intended for human consumption and should be handled with care and diligence as per recommended guidelines.

Stay-Blue-G stands as a cornerstone of water line management in poultry and livestock operations because it helps improve efficiency, accuracy, and efficacy. Contact our team and integrate Stay-Blue-G in your next water line management project.

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Stay Blue G is used as an excipient for water lines used for medication and sanitization purposes. It is a food grade dye functioning as a visual indicator to confirm entire animal population has been attained.