York Ag Sponsors 2022 Agri-Basics Beef Producers Seminar

Jul 23, 2022

York Ag sponsors beef producers meetings organized by Agri-Basics, an independent consulting nutritionist firm.

(York, Pa., July 23, 2022) York Ag, a dynamic supplier of holistic ingredient solutions that optimize animal well-being, will promote its beef cattle ingredients portfolio at the 2022 Agri-Basics Beef Producers Seminar in Lancaster, PA (July 28, 2022). Agri-Basics is an independent consulting nutritionist firm based in Elizabethtown, PA. As on-farm consultants, Agri-Basics nutritionists bring professional service, experience, education, and ideas to every farm.

The 2022 Agri-Basics Beef Producers Seminar will include speaker Thach Winslow, DVM, Technical Consultant for Elanco Animal Health, who will cover the topic “Adding Value to Feeder Cattle to Benefit the Feedlot”. It will take place at Lancaster Farm & Home Center (1383 Arcadia Road, Lancaster, PA 17601) at 5 p.m. EST.

York Ag is a consistent sponsor of Agri-Basics’ educational events. “Agri-Basics offers a great opportunity for farmers and agri-business professionals to come together and learn from industry experts. We support these communities of farmers and industry professionals by offering natural ingredients to address gut health, stress, respiratory health, parasite challenges, litter quality, insect challenges, and more”, said Bill Achor, President and CEO of York Ag.

York Ag believes Everyone Deserves a Nutritious Meal®. Its proprietary products, BOVAZYME® and BOVAZYME® Organic are feed enzyme additives that aid in digestion and help mitigate bloating events in beef cattle. “BOVAZYME  targets fiber and cellulose breakdown, it makes protein and fat digestion more efficient, and it helps generate more profitable output with the same input,” said Achor.

In addition to BOVAZYME®, York Ag, also distributes yeast-based additives such as RYeast40®, a natural product offering excellent nutrition for the rumen flora.

Furthermore, York Ag is an authorized distributor of KENDER Bio Tech, a U.S.- based company with more than 30 years of experience in ruminant feed additives. From KENDER® Beef 101/102 to KENDER® Organic 301/302, and KENDER® Fly Shield, York Ag offers a precise set of solutions for beef cattle applications.

To learn more about York Ag and its ingredients portfolio for beef cattle applications, visit www.yorkag.com/beef

About York Ag 

York Ag is a dynamic supplier of holistic ingredient solutions that optimize animal well-being. Headquartered in York, Pennsylvania, York Ag commercializes its proprietary products YORK CALCIUM CHIPS®, BOVAZYME®, and BOVAZYME® Organic, and carries a wholesome portfolio of national and international brands from diverse feed ingredient manufacturers.


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