York Ag Launches Alterna HTS to Help Poultry Regulate the Gut Histomonas Population

Mar 7, 2022

New additive offers a synergistic effect of essential oils, spices, and polyphenols, as an alternative solution for poultry challenged with Histomoniasis (Blackhead disease).

(York, Pa., March 7, 2022) York Ag, a dynamic supplier of holistic ingredient solutions that optimize animal well-being, launched Alterna® HTS, a feed additive designed to regulate the gut Histomonas population through a synergistic approach of natural ingredients. Developed and manufactured by Probiotech International, a Canadian animal nutrition company with more than 25 years of experience manufacturing natural additives for multiple animal species, Alterna HTS is a natural alternative solution for poultry challenged with Histomoniasis (Blackhead disease).

Producers are constantly challenged with regulating their flocks’ gut protozoal ecosystem. Parasites such as the nematode Heterakis gallinarum can transmit the protozoan Histomonas meleagridis causing Histomoniasis (Blackhead disease) in poultry. Among poultry species, there are varying degrees of susceptibility to Blackhead disease. Chickens are somewhat resistant to the disease, while turkeys and peafowl are extremely vulnerable and have high mortality rates when infected with Histomonas meleagridis. “Our preferred partner, Probiotech, has created an alternative solution to help support the gut health in turkeys, broilers, layers, gamebirds, and other susceptible poultry species. Alterna HTS is a fantastic addition to our feed additives portfolio”, said Bill Achor, President and CEO of York Ag.

Available in conventional and organic versions, Alterna HTS is the result of years of extensive research done by Probiotech. “Blackhead typically infects poultry using three separate pathways: ingestion of soil or earthworms containing eggs of the caecal worm Heterakis gallinarum infected with H. meleagridis; uptake of H. meleagridis directly into the lower digestive tract through the process of cloacal drinking; and oral ingestion of live H. meleagridis protozoa when stomach is not acidic enough to kill the pathogen. Our team developed Alterna HTS as an alternative tool to mitigate the effects of these challenges”, said Ivan Girard, President of Probiotech International Inc.

An authorized distributor of Alterna HTS in the U.S., York Ag also offers other multiple natural feed additives for poultry applications. “From gut health and stress mitigation to growth rate and animal well-being support, York Ag offers innovative, dependable, and effective feed ingredients for each specific functionality”, said Achor.

To know more about Alterna HTS and its usage in starter, grower, and finisher feeds as a preventive tool, visit www.yorkag.com/alterna-hts

About York Ag

York Ag is a dynamic supplier of holistic ingredient solutions that optimize animal well-being. Headquartered in York, Pennsylvania, York Ag commercializes its proprietary products YORK CALCIUM CHIPS®, BOVAZYME®, and BOVAZYME® Organic, and carries a wholesome portfolio of national and international brands from diverse feed ingredient manufacturers.


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