York Ag Announces New Kender Bio Tech Ruminant Ingredients Portfolio

Jan 23, 2022

The animal nutrition world benefits from Kender Bio Tech ruminant feed additives, and York Ag celebrates this new addition to its portfolio with a dedicated online presence.

(York, Pa., January 23, 2022) York Ag, a dynamic supplier of holistic ingredient solutions that optimize animal well-being, has launched a new website section to announce the addition of Kender Bio Tech ruminant ingredients to its portfolio (www.yorkag.com/kender). In today’s world, an increasing number of consumers want to know how their food is produced and often question the use of antibiotics in animal production. Kender Bio Tech offers natural solutions to the ruminant animal nutrition space assisting producers in gaining better performance while reducing the use of ionophores and antibiotics. These natural solutions help ensure the delivery of safe and wholesome beef and dairy products to the end consumer.

York Ag is an authorized U.S. distributor of Kender Bio Tech products. Kender Bio Tech is a U.S. company, based out of Colorado whose founders have over 30 years of experience in ruminant feed additives and formulation. Kender Bio Tech currently collaborates with nutritionists and vets in the United States, Canada, and South Africa and has a well-rounded portfolio of ingredients specifically designed for beef and dairy applications.

On the new website section, visitors can explore the Kender portfolio for dairy and beef cattle applications. For example, KENDER® BEEF 101 and KENDER® DAIRY 201 are botanical-based additives, available in conventional or organic formulations, made of botanical extracts and essential oils that help increase beef cattle and dairy cows’ capacity to overcome stress. This natural approach uses selected botanical extracts with calming properties which allows animals to spend more time eating, ruminating, and socializing. Data indicates that anxiolytic botanical extracts can have a positive impact on feeding behavior. “Adding Kender Bio Tech to our natural ingredients portfolio was an easy choice. Our commitment to finding natural alternatives to help producers improve their animal production performance while considering animal well-being is palpable”, said Bill Achor, President and CEO of York Ag.

KENDER® BEEF 102 and KENDER® DAIRY 202 are also botanical-based additives that blend essential oils and spices, but they are used as a natural alternative to Na-Monensin. Na-Monensin is a polyether antibiotic isolated from Streptomyces cinnamonensis and it is used in ruminant animal feeds. Na-Monensin and KENDER additives have a fairly similar mode of action in the rumen. However, the difference is KENDER natural additives help improve fiber digestion while Na-Monensin tends to decrease fiber digestion and cellulolytic bacteria.

KENDER® FLY SHIELD, available in conventional or organic formulations, is a natural alternative that helps repel flies and protect dairy and grazing cattle. This botanical-based formulation helps prevent concentration of flies that can cause infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis (IBK), commonly known as pinkeye in dairy and grazing cattle. Pink eye is a disease of the cornea (eye surface) and the conjunctiva (eyelids) and is reported as the most common cause of eye disease.

“We are delighted to bring Kender Bio Tech natural ingredients to the beef cattle and dairy industries, and we’ll continue to search for innovative, dependable, and effective feed ingredient solutions that support feed manufacturers, livestock consultants, and animal producers”, said Achor.

To learn more about Kender Bio Tech ingredients, visit www.yorkag.com/kender

About York Ag

York Ag is a dynamic supplier of holistic ingredient solutions that optimize animal well-being. Headquartered in York, Pennsylvania, York Ag commercializes its proprietary products YORK CALCIUM CHIPS®, BOVAZYME®, and BOVAZYME® Organic, and carries a wholesome portfolio of national and international brands from diverse feed ingredient manufacturers.


York Ag Announces New Kender Bio Tech Ruminant Ingredients Addition