York Ag Sponsors Celebration Event Organized by The Ohio Poultry Association

Aug 3, 2021

The egg and poultry industry trusts York Ag’s ingredient solutions to maximize performance and support animal well-being.

(York, Pa., August 3, 2021) York Ag, a dynamic supplier of holistic ingredient solutions that optimize animal well-being, has become a gold sponsor of the Ohio Poultry Association’s Golf Outing and Celebration Banquet scheduled on September 10, 2021. The Ohio Poultry Association (OPA) represents more than 1,000 egg, chicken, and turkey farmers across the state. Each year, Ohio's egg, chicken, and turkey farms contribute 3.2 billion eggs, 2.4 billion chickens, and 1.5 billion turkeys.

Since 1988, York Ag has been a key partner of the egg laying industry. Its proprietary YORK CALCIUM CHIPS® provide optimal levels of calcium into the layer diets to guarantee smooth egg production and improve layers' calcium reserves. Calcium is a cornerstone in layer diets because it is intrinsically related to the formation of an eggshell. Having optimal feed calcium levels helps hens replenish their bone reserve while maintaining optimal egg production capabilities. “Calcium Carbonate increases eggshell durability and mitigates cracked egg numbers in egg laying facilities”, said Bill Achor, President and CEO of York Ag.

In addition to YORK CALCIUM CHIPS, York Ag offers a wholesome portfolio of feed calcium in different granular and mesh sizes to fit multiple nutritional needs. From granular to extremely fine mesh feed calcium, York Ag helps feed manufacturers, livestock consultants, and animal producers create nutritious meals to support chickens and turkeys’ diets.

York Ag believes Everyone Deserves a Nutritious Meal and has expanded its ingredients portfolio to represent national and international brands that focus on complementing animal nutrition requirements in layers, pullets, broilers, and ABF/NAE broilers, and turkeys. For example, Hilyses®, a unique hydrolyzed yeast with no genetically modified organisms, fillers, or carriers, that delivers more functional components to support livestock through everyday stress, transitions, and disease challenge. Another example is Phytozen®, a precisely balanced blend of natural essential oils that promote anxiolytic and antidepressant effects, mainly by increasing levels of brain serotonin.

“We have expanded our feed supplements portfolio to include solutions that help the poultry industry in all stages of the egg and poultry production cycle,” said Bill Achor. “Our commitment to support animal well-being is palpable in the egg and poultry industry, and we are delighted to become a sponsor of The Ohio Poultry Association”.

To learn more about York Ag and its ingredient solutions for egg, chicken, and turkey applications, visit www.yorkag.com/poultry


About York Ag

York Ag is a dynamic supplier of holistic ingredient solutions that optimize animal well-being. Headquartered in York, Pennsylvania, York Ag commercializes its proprietary products YORK CALCIUM CHIPS®, BOVAZYME®, and BOVAZYME® Organic, and carries a wholesome portfolio of national and international brands from diverse feed ingredient manufacturers.


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