BOVAZYME and Tyler Westfall

Bovazyme cheers on Tyler as he thrives in competitive kayaking

Bovazyme Canoe Slalom

Bovazyme and Tyler Westfall, a superb partnership

When the team at York Ag met Tyler Westfall and learned about his drive, enthusiasm, and relentless determination to compete in the top level of competitive canoe slalom, we were beyond impressed. We share the same drive and dedication to make our way in an ever-changing animal nutrition and feed supplement industry.

As Tyler's sponsor, we take pride in his work and discipline to achieve his goal to earn a coveted spot on the USA team at the 2021 World Cup in Prague, Czech Republic (June 11-13, 2021). At this event, Tyler will be competing for THE single spot to represent the USA at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

It is a privilege to partner with Tyler and have him represent our BOVAZYME® brand. BOVAZYME is our proprietary feed enzyme additive for dairy and grazing cattle, which helps support ruminants' digestion and overall well-being.

This section is dedicated to Tyler Westfall and BOVAZYME. We aspire to share with the entire world an example of how a dedicated person — despite the daily challenges, can successfully compete in a world of white water and buffeting currents with a dream, a small boat, and a paddle.

Welcome, Tyler, to the BOVAZYME Team!


Canoe Slalom video footage courtesy of Silvan Poberaj


Canoe Slalom video footage courtesy of Nathaniel Francis