Changing the Way the World Walks on Eggshells

Proprietary Products



We have changed the way the industry looks at the meaning of “walking on eggshells”. YORK CALCIUM CHIPS® have been our flagship ingredient of York Ag Products Inc. since 1988. As oyster shells became more difficult to secure, founder of York Ag Products Inc., Dale Anderson, realized that in order to supply a coarse form of feed calcium to the growing commercial egg industry, something had to be done. He immediately set out to assess the current supplies of the best high calcium deposits, approached willing research partners at Penn State and created YORK CALCIUM CHIPS® as a cost effective replacement for the disappearing oyster shell. Before Food Safety and Food Security were in the headlines, Dale Anderson saw the value of YORK CALCIUM CHIPS® as the best ingredient protection for that amazing nutritional package we call the egg shell. As people were knocking themselves out in the 1980’s building better mousetraps; York Ag Products was building a better egg shell with their YORK CALCIUM CHIPS® establishing them as the leader in coarse feed calcium for the exploding commercial egg laying industry. Brown or white, cage free or conventional, natural or organic, YORK CALCIUM CHIPS® are the preferred choice to the commercial feed milling industry in the Mid-Atlantic for coarse feed calcium.


  • Improve eggshell quality by slowly releasing feed calcium as the egg shell is being formed
  • Reduce cracks and improve hatchability
  • Are a high level calcium economical replacement to oyster shells
  • Lower feed costs by increasing feed efficiency due to improved grinding action in the gizzard
  • Low in magnesium



The All-Natural Feed Additive to Aid in Digestive for Beef and Dairy Cattle

BOVAZYME® is a feed additive that helps nutrient digestion and aids in preventing bloat.

Scientific studies and on-farm field trials have demonstrated that this all-natural feed additive delivers multiple benefits to your herd:

  • Greater feed efficiency
  • Improved ADF digestion
  • Improved NDF digestion
  • Improved protein digestion
  • Increased microbial growth
  • Decreased bloat activity
  • Improved manure consistency
  • Improved body condition
  • Improved milk production
  • Better transitioning


BOVAZYME® decreases foam strength, which is an essential step in helping to prevent bloat in cattle that are grazing on wheat pasture. Improper fermentation in the rumen creates foam that traps gases resulting in distention of the rumen and culminating in (frothy) bloat.


BOVAZYME® is an approved additive by the AGA, American Grassfed Association.