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Other Products

York Horse Stall Odor Eraser

Finally a bedding amendment that not only reduces harmful ammonia odors but also absorbs moisture at the same time. York Horse Stall Odor Eraser was created and is processed and packaged in Pennsylvania. It compliments any bedding material and can add life to your shavings, sawdust or pellets. Competitively priced to use as a base to any stall management system or use as a top dressing or spot treatment for those hard to manage borders, HSOE is quickly becoming the stall management product of choice.

York Livestock Odor Eraser

Developed for the all-natural broiler and turkey industry as a bedding amendment to reduce harmful ammonia odors and reduce moisture in shavings and sawdust without the caustic off-gassing often associated with chemical litter treatments. Safe to use in and around your poultry house means that it is safe to handle and apply after a water leak or rain storm even while animals are housed. Works great before and after tilling packed litter. Great for backyard poultry enthusiasts, 4-H projects, calf hutches, cattle and dairy barns. You got goats? No problem, Livestock Odor Eraser will tame the smell of any Billy goat. Absorbs moisture and reduces ammonia while being easy on the wallet.

York All-Purpose Worry Eraser

Back by popular demand. All-Purpose Worry Eraser is the only Pa Preferredtm  floor dry in its class. Great for spills and leaks in garages and shops. Perfect for emergency spill response. Buy local and support the Pennsylvania economy.

Liquid Feed Products

York Ag Products Inc.is one of the regional consultants for Westway Feed Products, a global supplier of agricultural-based liquid solutions with the resources, service, technical support that we have grown to appreciate and depend on.

We provide custom blends, delivery and service support to customers in the Mid-Atlantic. Whether it is a farm delivery or a feed mill application, our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectation in timeliness and quality. If you want an enzyme, a mold inhibitor, a flavoring, or a surfactant, let us know and we will customize your order.

So if you are in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey or Pennsylvania give us a call and we can design a program that is right for your herd.

Feed Calcium

York Ag Productshas spent the over 25 years developing strategic relationships with high calcium quarries in the Mid Atlantic. Whether you are looking for coarse or fine; bulk or bag or somewhere in the middle, York Ag can source the appropriate feed calcium product to meet the needs of your mixing equipment and ultimately the nutritional needs of your animals. If you are not sure what mesh or sieve size means, ask us for a sample so that you can be assured that our feed calcium will fit the application. Trucking matters, so the relationship we cultivate with five (5) of the quarries in our region, and our extensive in-house expertise in logistics, allows us to place a competitively priced product on your doorstep in a timely fashion. If we don’t have it, we will find it, as feed calcium has been buttering our bread since 1988.

Organic Trace Minerals

York Ag Productshas been providing organic trace minerals and trace mineral blends to customers for over 15 years. If you are looking to compare conventional trace mineral packages to our line of SQM organic trace minerals, give us a call and we can provide a custom product at a delivered price. As space in the diet becomes more of a premium, nutritionists are looking for ways to reduce marginal ingredients with superior components that are more efficiently synthesized in the animals’ digestive tract. This leaves more room for wellness products that bring natural building blocks to the body for maintenance and performance.

Bulk Liquid and Dry Acid

Mold is everywhere. If you say you don’t have it; obviously you haven’t looked for it. York Ag Products provides both feed grade and EPA listed liquid acids for mold inhibiting in bulk, IBC totes and 55-gallon drums.

If you want dry? No problem. Most dry product orders are processed same day and delivered within 5 business days. Private Label Advantage is available for both dry (50 pound bags) and smaller than bulk liquid packaging. Our liquid and dry products complement most manufactured feed protection programs whether at the feed mill or in the bunk on the farm.


Our strong ties to the feathered industry have allowed us to develop custom grit mixes for commercial, backyard, companion, and the competitive show and racing circuit. Our custom mixes have found their way into all sorts of packaging shapes, sizes and colors. If we don’t have a formula for your parakeet or pigeon, we will design one to meet your market needs. Our network of customers and distributors move our grits across the country providing happy gizzards everywhere they stop.


Buttered popcorn, liver, cherry, anise, green apple are only a few. Dog treats, robotic milker attractants, deer feeds, parakeet grits have all benefited from the array of flavorings we have at our disposal. Must it be Natural or organic? We will find it domestically or from our approved list of international suppliers. Samples are available upon request.

Yellow Jacket Wettable Sulfur

Yellow Jacket Wettable Sulfuris a 99% pure elemental sulfur used if situations where laying hens have access to dusting boxes. Studies have shown that mites will not survive constant exposure to Yellow Jacket. It can also be constituted into a premise spray and building spray to be used in between flocks for residual protection. 

Relentless Plus Bedding Amendment

Relentless Plus is changing the way poultry production looks at bedding amendments. It comes with an OMRI certificate, and found to be in compliance with the National Organic Program (NOP) Standards. Used in organic and antibiotic-free poultry production as a beneficial amendment bringing with it humates, bologicals, ammonia binding, and moisture control.

StalosanF Bedding Amendment

Stalosan F Provides excellent ammonia control at a fraction of the application rate as well as other insecticide benefits. Used for multiple species and brings with it moisture control which is unique for this type of bedding amendment. Use it for footbaths and improved hygiene around workrooms and access areas.