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Organic Products

York Calcium Chips®

Your chickens love our York Calcium Chips®, but you are going to love the fact that York Calcium Chips® have been found to be in compliance with the National Organic Program (NOP) Standards.

BovaZyme® Organic

BovaZyme ® Organic now found to be in compliance with the National Organic Program (NOP) Standards. Organic beef and dairy production prepare to be amazed.

Feed Calcium Products

Several of our other feed calcium products have also been found to be in compliance with the National Organic Program (NOP) Standards. Whether you need coarse feed calcium or fine feed calcium in bulk or bags, contact us for all your feed calcium needs.


Aragonite? Yes we have it! In fact, we have been supplying this economical alternative to "Oyster Shells" (Poultry Shells) for over 5 years. Aragonite is the all-natural ocean’s premium feed calcium. Produced by the ocean’s constant currents and wave action, sea shells have been ground to a variety of sieve sizes for thousands of years. York Ag Products can provide bulk or bagged Aragonite for use in a variety of mineral blends and feed applications. Aragonite brings a completely different delivery mechanism of calcium to the animal. Because of its crystalline structure, Aragonite provides exceptional solubility and nearly three times (3x) the surface area to the digestion system of the animal. Coarse, Fine or unscreened. Bulk, Super Sacks, 50 pound bags. FOB or delivered.


Hilyses is one of our newest additions to our organic line up of ingredients. It is a hydrolyzed yeast product and born Bionic! It is the only Bionic Prebiotic on the market. Everyone is talking about it from baby calves to antibiotic free (ABF) poultry production. It calls Brazil home and originates from the sugar cane ethanol process. It’s pedigree alone makes one take notice as it boasts the thickest cell wall in the commercial industry. The cytoplasm has been hydrolyzed and so that reduces the length of the RNA chains and makes them more digestible not only to the monogastric, but has proven itself to be beneficial in the rumen as well. The highest percentage of free-nucleotides which help the animal be more efficient whether she is producing milk or meat. Non-GMO. No carriers! Just yeast and lots of it.


A unique sugar cane ethanol derived yeast culture rich in Beta Glucans and Mono-oligosaccharides. The backbone of our yeast portfolio.


An anti-caking agent with a unique blend of Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicates (HSCAS) and yeast to assist Animal Wellbeing. StarFix® can bring this effective combination of ingredients in just one package so that your animals  benefit and is Non-GMO!


An anti-caking agent with Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate (HSCAS) . ZeniFix is the unique blend of Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate (HSCAS) that can be added to any feed for Animal Wellbeing and is Non-GMO!

Stay Blue G

Stay Blue G has also been found to be in compliance with the National Organic Program (NOP) Standards as an excipient in association with an allowed medical treatment/vaccine. If you want a water indicator that stays blue, Stay Blue G will keep your water blue!


Talk to us about our portfolio of botanicals and essential oils that have been reviewed for use in organic production for both poultry and ruminants. Alterna OP, Phytozen OP, Para Shield OP, Kender Organic products for dairy just to name a few!

Poultry Shield FG

Poultry Shield FG is a 99% pure elemental sulfur that has been manufactured to compliment the advanced feed milling technology used in Today’s Agriculture. The sulfur has been prilled to enhance mixing and reduce dust in the process. It has been extensively researched at Auburn University to demonstrate consistently, that prescribed use can effectively reduce the harmful effects of Northern Fowl Mites in commercial laying hens and backyard flocks. It also has demonstrated reduction in ammonia released, from manure storage, improved egg shell quality and statistically reduced pH in the manure. It is one of the few products labeled for Northern Fowl Mite management in laying hens.


A liquid blend of proprietary enzymes with billions of microbes that assist in keeping the beneficial bacteria in your litter competitive against E. coli and Salmonella pathogens. We call it Combative Inhabitancy or in simpler terms: the Big Dog is on the porch! Defender-O helps to regenerate the litter while destroying harmful components that lead to ammonia production. These unique natural ingredients rebalance the organic ecosystem in the litter bed. Defender-O is pH balanced that is safer for humans as well as the birds. This product can be used with Relentless Plus, the organic reviewed bedding amendment also available through York Ag.