Pulses, Pigments and Yeasts Oh MY!!

Non-GMO Products

Pulse Products

Yellow Pea Starch (SYPF V-6000)

Today’s nutritional formulas are looking for dense ingredients that deliver nutrition and essential amino acids with every bite. Many formulas run out of room when it comes to binders that help to keep pellets together. SYPF V-6000 is the ingredient that BINDS! The combination of starch, protein and essential amino acids brings to the formula a nutritional package that also keeps pellets together through harsh and finicky pelleting environments. And the fact that it is a vegetable and a PULSE, it fits well into conventional and animal by-product free (ABF) diets. New robotic milking equipment demands the highest pellet quality. Pea Starch will make any robotic system shine and bring nutrition with the polish. Made in the USA!

Whole Pea, Chick Pea and Lentil Flours

If you are looking for protein, starch, and fiber sources that are non-soybean, look no further. Whole Pea, Chick Pea and Lentil Flours can deliver protein and essential amino acids without the anti-nutritional concerns often associated with soybean meal. Made in the USA.

Pea Protein

Still looking for soybean meal replacements that are GMO-free and highly digestible? Look no further. Nu-Pulse® is made in the USA and consists of highly purified and digestible pea protein with less than 2% starch. Mechanically separated to deliver protein and amino acids without the concerns of chemical processing, it brings 50% protein to the ration.

Pea Bran

No frills here. Just pea bran fiber for diets where wheat and other grain ingredients are not permitted.

ICC Yeasts

(Rumen Yeast Concentrated Powder, i.e. RYeast40, IMW50, Hilyses, Indumel) All ICC pure inactivated dry yeasts cultures are sugar cane derivatives which allow them to be used in non-GMO diets. Certificates available upon request. Sugar cane derived yeast products continue to intrigue nutritionists around the globe. No rabbits in the hat; no fancy 3-D marketing brochures. Just a yeast that has undergone the most rigorous process that produces the thickest (densest) cell wall in the commercial world bringing with it the capacity to bind pathogens as compared to primary yeasts, bakery yeasts and corn ethanol yeasts. Whether you want a pure cell wall or a combination of yeast culture and cell walls, ICC has a product that can out-perform the competition. Never embarrassed to share an analysis or provide a guarantee for β-Glucans and Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS), ICC will deliver all yeast with NO carriers! All species will benefit from their technical acuity and their curiosity for better performance.


Whether Yellow or Red we have the pigments for you to influence egg yolk and skin color. Both are non-GMO and supported by a technical staff familiar with the global marketplace. We are excited to add this product to our line up and can entertain contract pricing which can off-set the often volatile pigment market.