Serving the Agricultural Industry Since 1988

About Us

York Ag Products, Inc.  is located in York, Pennsylvania and has been serving the agricultural community since 1988. Our flagship product is our YORK CALCIUM CHIPS® which we supply to much of the commercial egg laying industry in Pennsylvania and surrounding region.

Our History

York Ag Products, Inc.  was the brain child of co-founders Dale Anderson and Arthur McAlister who were determined to carve out a niche as an ingredient broker to the fast growing production animal industry. The commercial egg laying industry could only grow with scientifically proven ingredients that not only produced a quality shell egg but also supported the genetic potential of the leghorn. Dale and Art partnered with Penn State University as early as 1985 and several commercial flocks to prove that YORK CALCIUM CHIPS® could deliver what was needed. Soon YORK CALCIUM CHIPS® began to replace historically accepted oyster shells. Now York Ag Products delivers YORK CALCIUM CHIPS® to much of the commercial egg laying industry in the Mid-Atlantic region. The small team experienced success in the first ten years, but needed additional boots on the ground, so added two livestock experts, Rich Roenigk who came with an extensive poultry and feed sales background and a year later Tom Labutta who rounded out the team with a comfort in feed ingredients and ruminant nutrition. In 2011, after a lengthy search and multiple discussions, a third generation was born and Bill Achor was added to the team who brought a pedigree of international business development, sales and animal production to the company. No purebreds here. Just hard working stock dogs with enough hybrid vigor to keep the office a flurry of activity, problem solving capacity and creative innovation.

Our Business

We locate and distribute difficult to find ingredients for the Nation’s feed manufacturing industry. York Ag represents several national and international ingredient companies and provides service and support to our customers in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. York Ag has also developed several trademarked products for the nutrition and golf course industries. So whether we are talking feed ingredients to a seasoned ingredient purchaser or greens management with a golf course maintenance superintendent, we must be on our game every day with accurate order fulfillment and on-time delivery. We believe in customer satisfaction with every ingredient and every delivery whether it is a truck load or a 50 pound bag. If you call us during office hours, you will get a friendly voice every time, not a frustrating voice mail system.

Our Focus

Even though our focus has been historically on YORK CALCIUM CHIPS® and other limestone ingredients for the livestock industry, we also support the largest liquid feed supplier in the region with technical service, ingredients and logistics scheduling. Through the years, York Ag has earned a reputation of designing innovative solutions and delivering a variety of proprietary products such as their YORK CALCIUM CHIPS® and BOVAZYME®. Not averse to international relationships, York Ag formalized a national exclusivity contract with ICC Yeast in Brazil which allows us to dominate the gut health animal wellbeing arena with the only Bionic Prebiotic in the market.

York Ag is flexible and creative in meeting specialized ingredient needs. If we cannot find it, we will make it. We will explore sourcing and manufacturing while providing custom private labeling with our extensive team of technical experts and nutritionists.

Our Team